Wave Sleep Wave Announce New Album, Release Video

Wave Sleep Wave Announce New Album, Never Notice, Premiere Video for "Forest." Album "Never Notice" is due September 9th, 2014 via CurbCut Records
Wave Sleep Wave Announce New Album "Never Notice," Premiere Video for "Forest."

Wave Sleep Wave are a duo who sound like a gang––Jerry Adler creating harmonically and sonically breathtaking tapestries of guitar sound, punctuated with the urgent, delivery of first-rate lyrics; and Yuval Lion expertly pouring the rhythmic foundation on which this music stands. It is at once highly conceptual and deeply compelling. Most elements of traditional song structure have been dispensed with in favor of something akin to a snowball rolling down a mountain––gaining weight with each revolution,  faithful to its former self while becoming ever and ever more. The music is a constant blending of opposites––arresting beauty mixed with harrowing noise, intricate composition underpinning free improvisation, the major and minor, the consonant and dissonant, the organic and technological, all in coexistence not just on the same album but in almost every moment. For those interested in anything mentioned above, Wave Sleep Wave is a band worth knowing.

The video for “Forest” by Wave Sleep Wave is a collaboration between the band and multimedia artist Andrea Frank. Frank had asked singer/guitarist Jerry Adler to compose a sound piece for her video CUTS. She had been producing 3D objects made by sandwich-mounting photographs between two pieces of Plexiglas and then carving them out using a laser cutter. Eventually, she found the cutting so compelling that she began videoing the process itself.
Adler says, “When I finished the music for it, I called Andrea and said, ‘It’s done. You have to see it.’ She watched it and said, ‘I love it, but I’m looking for something less musical, more atonal.’ So she and I sat together in my studio and worked up something completely different, from scratch. I was happy to give her exactly what she wanted for her work, but I loved “Forest” so much that I knew we had to include it on our record. Now, the project has come full circle as Andrea has generously allowed us to re-lay our song over her video. It’s common to see a director’s cut,” Jerry smiles, “This is the not-so-common musician’s cut.”
“Never Notice” is due out September 9th, 2014
Track Listing
 1. Pico
  2. Swan
  3. Murmur
  4. Forest
  5. Zero
  6. P.G.
  7. Birds
  8. Black/White
  9. Industry
10. Never Notice

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