Watch Maybird’s new Video For “Maybird”

Watch Maybird's new Video For "Maybird". The band will release their EP Turning into water EP on April 29TH

Maybird’s Adam Netsky had this to say about the video:

For the Maybird video we tried to show the band going through a heightened collective musical experience. We created a loose plot; a mysterious tea is prepared, the band drinks it and while performing the song “Maybird” various phenomena begin appearing, beginning with layers blending, heightened color, hallucinated birds and eventually building up to a surreal collective vision of the band in a van. The “band in a van” is almost a modern mythic or symbolic element for bands, so it seemed like a fitting vehicle for the collective “trip” or “journey.”

To add another layer of myth, early in the video we show a drawing of a fictional plant with flowers that look like colorful birds with the latin botanical name avis maii (or Maybird), and suggest that our tea is derived from its leaves. The image was drawn specifically for the video by artist Ian Williams, and is a nod to the drawings accompanying ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes’ writings on the uses and properties of hallucinogenic plants in the indigenous cultures of the Americas and the Amazon in his book from 1976, Hallucinogenic Plants.

Maybird is a 5-piece rock band from Rochester, NY founded by Josh Netsky. Their Turning Into Water EP is five songs that represented the new psychedelic rock and pop of the three-guitar onslaught. Hailing influence from Wilco, Beck, and the dreamy folk-pop moments of MGMT and Cass McCombs.

Maybird live!
April 29 – New York, NY – Standard East Village
May 12 – New York, NY – Bowery Electric [TICKET]
May 13 – New Paltz, NY – Snugs
May 19 – Philadelphia, PA – World Café (broadcasting live on WXPN.ORG for NONCOMMvention)
May 21 – Syracuse, NY – Funk N Waffles
May 26 – Rochester, NY – Three Heads Brewery
June 18 – Rochester, NY – Anthology w/ Joywave