“Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me” Husky Loops

Husky Loops, have released their new single/video “Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me,” the title-track off their forthcoming release out May 1st through Fighting Ourselves/30th Century Records.

The video was shot in one take on Peckham High Street in the middle of the night, the video is a nod to The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”. Husky Loops vocalist Danio Forni says of that famous Verve clip, “That’s my favourite video ever and I thought I’d be honest and just copy it. The Verve did that too when they copied Massive Attack’s video for “Unfinished Sympathy.” Maybe someone else will copy us.”

Husky Loops find it hard to put a single label on themselves, but that is part of the charm. Each song takes on a unique framework that is informed by new and diverse experiences – the DNA of this band is an ever-changing and exciting prospect. One song will utilise the basslines from modern day hip-hop or the ambitious production usually saved for electronic music, with the next incorporating beats typically found in modern-jazz or even UK Garage.

Danio Forni on “Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me”

“We wanted to release a song where the vocal really comes out. We never do that, you know? Writing music where the vocals is really the centre. So I decided to bring my songwriting forward for this one, and I’m really happy with the result, because I think it really shows the depth of what we can do. The music was strongly influenced by UK garage, Funk and Italian 70’s music. The drums sounds fake but it’s real drums, they were recorded in a very small vocal booth and then processed in the computer to make them sound as sample-like and boxy as possible.

The lyrics of this song are “that guy at the party” and the music is in contrast to that:, it tells you that sometimes you need to fight by participating and get on with it.”

Husky Loops
Live Dates

October 9th – Jimmy’s, Manchester

October 10th – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

October 11th – Blue Arrow, Glasgow

October 12th – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

October 16th – Bermondsey Social Club, London

October 19th – Joiners, Southampton

October 23rd – Molotow, Hamburg

October 24th – Maze Club, Berlin

October 26th – Rotown, Rotterdam

October 27th – Paradiso, Amsterdam

October 29th – Supersonic, Paris

October 30th – Kater, Zurich


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