W.H. Lung Shares “Figure With Flowers”

W.H. Lung have shared their new single "Figure With Flowers." The track is off the UK band's forthcoming release Vanities, available 10/8
W.H. Lung photo by Laura Cheshire

W.H. Lung drop their new LP, Vanities, on October 8th banger, ahead of the release they have shared album track “Figure With Flowers,” the song is the follow-up to previous single “Gd Tym.” W.H. Lung’s sophomore album, Vanities, documents a period of change for the group. They lost a member to a move and fell more in love with dance music and the shifting sense of community and inclusivity that came with these changes.

Despite being written in isolation and remoteness the album is rooted in very real physical spaces. “Manchester is a very important part of this record,” says Tom Sharkett, “The White Hotel, nights like Wet Play, seeing Gerd Janson DJ at the End of Year Riot (Electric Chair) and then discovering all the amazing stuff on his label Running Back. Then when we moved to Todmorden it was the same. Seeing Andrew Weatherall down the road from our flat at The Golden Lion – it just felt like an exciting time for us and I wanted to consume as much new music as possible.” Joe shares his bandmates’ enthusiasm for their dance floor experiences that have fed into this record. “Vanities is a musical representation of what Tom and I crave the most now that it’s been taken away from us,” he says. “In simple terms, we love to dance and have both fallen deeper in love with the music that facilitates that. Because of this voracious appetite for new music and the experiences that come with that hunger, influences on the album are vast: the aforementioned Weatherall, Robyn, Todd Terje, Grauzone, Kelly Lee Owens, Helena Hauff and countless others.” But the end result is something distinctly the band’s own.

W.H. Lung

1. Calm Down
2. Gd Tym
3. Pearl In The Palm
4. Ways Of Seeing
5. ARPi
6. Showstopper
7. Figure With Flowers
8. Somebody Like
9. Kaya

Pre-order Vanities by W.H. Lung HERE


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