“Violent & Paranoid” By NOV3L

Visual artist DOOMBABY and Vancouver post-punk band NOV3L have collaborated to create a video for their latest single “Violent & Paranoid”, The track is of their current full-length Non-Fiction, available now via Flemish Eye/Meat Machine. The song and video are inspired by the darkness of the digital age.

Animator DOOMBABY on the video for “Violent & Paranoid:

In our era of an omnipresent Internet with its vast reach and persistent echo chambers, this DIY piece aims to represent the infectious nature of various ideologies fostered in the online environment. An opinion, conspiracy, or new movement can start at one IP address, continually morphing in cyberspace; as its mutated interpretations spread, more frequently than ever, they cross over to cause real-world consequences. The video explores a variety of such themes with the use of a plague doctor, cult imagery, resurrection, and the intentional use of “sheep,” often used pejoratively to convey “the blind masses”. The ending – featuring resurrected animals – was inspired by the German fable “The Town Musicians of Bremen,” in which the animals wish to seek “something better than death,” but in this iteration they never receive freedom and only after death do they rebel. The use of sheep and deceased creatures as protagonists intends to portray the feelings of defeat, oppression and powerlessness one might feel while trying to stand up against those in power.

Video creator DOOMBABY has an extensive background in painting, drawing, as well as prop design for the film industry. While working in film, she was tasked with creating customized industry-specific props and visual art, which inspired her to begin exploring the world of miniature sets and to complete her first stop motion film.

Order Non-Fiction by NOV3L HERE


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