“Useless” By Amen Sioux

Multi-artist Amen Sioux melds alternative R&B, indie, psychedelia and electronica in a visceral and authentic sound that explores the boundaries of modern-pop music. His music touches on hidden desires, self-liberation, difficult and often unsightly circumstances underscored by the powerful message conveyed in his lyrics.

“Useless” was inspired by Mickey’s troubled relationship with his girlfriend, “the way I felt during those days, and the song mines the turbulence of that headspace.” “I sashay between relief, regret, longing, and resentment zooming in on particular feelings and moments in my tale of modern heartbreak and whirlwind courtship.”

The song is also about all the shit Mickey has been through during the past 10 years. From drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety. It is a hymn to multiculturalism and diversity and a big fuck off to those who don’t accept you just the way you are as Mickey experienced from his affections. The track has the ruefulness familiar to anyone who has failed to take advantage of an opportunity, or has self-sabotaged their way out of something great.

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