“Under The Sun” Spelling

SPELLLING, AKA: Chrystia Cabral, has released a video for her single, “Under The Sun,” – the latest offering from her forthcoming album, Mazy Fly, available February 22nd. Mazy Fly, the second full-length by the Bay Area artist SPELLLING, and first for Sacred Bones.

Spelling on “Under The Sun:;

“Under The Sun” is “is a cosmic prayer for good fortune,” says Cabral. “It celebrates the invisible energies that come together over time to create something radically new, like the birth of a star.”

The music video, a collaboration between SPELLLING and emerging filmmaker Catalina Xavlena, is a 7-minute surreal dreamscape odyssey. Using only an analog 8mm camera, Xavlena interprets SPELLLING’s enthralling sounds through formless energy, vivid colour and cryptic storytelling —all swirling together into one phantasmagorical myth of the mind. This visual voyage boldly pays homage to 70’s avant-garde film and 80’s iconic music videos. There is a secret offered here—a secret that leads to uncovering the golden light of hope we did not even know we were looking for.

Chrystia Cabral began experimenting with music production in 2015 in an effort to carry on the creative legacy of a lost loved one and released her first full-length, ‘Pantheon of Me’, in September 2017. Drawing heavily from messages in her dreams, her sound spirals through clarity and obscurity searching through landscapes of psychic space. The result is a divine soul music, soft in its restraint but heavy with passion. Hers is a unique vision, inhabiting a world of its own.

Pre-order ‘Mazy Fly’ here: http://sacredbonesrecords.com/products/sbr221-spellling-mazy-fly

Mazy Fly
Track List

1. Red
2. Haunted Water
3. Hard to Please
4. Golden Numbers
5. Melted Wings
6. Under the Sun
7. Real Fun
8. Hard to Please (Reprise)
9. Afterlife
10. Dirty Desert Dreams
11. Secret Thread
12. Falling Asleep