“Un Degre De Seperation” by Bronswick

Established just under a year ago, with four-song debut EP, Errances, which saw them join Montreal’s prolific Lisbon Lux Records roster, Bronswick – the unlikely pairing of musicians and songwriters Catherine Coutu and Bertrand Pouyet – have been making “[somber, and buoyant pop]” (Voir) and “[sensitive and contemplative electro songs]” (Ici Musique), since day one.

“The latest creation at the hands of both Julien Manaud (Le Couleur) and Bronswick, can be described as ambitious pop, that sits somewhere between 1980’s music scene in Paris and the outlandish stylings of new-wave. Dominant keyboards sound in like hot winds, sweeping exotic beaches; the beatbox, as if a sweet seduction, almost trap, hip-hop-esque, both misty and airy”.

Comme la mer,
Qui brise le sol,
Ma colère,
Reprendra forme.


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