“Blow Up” by Kid Francescoli with Julia

Behind the Kid Francescoli moniker is Mathieu Hocine, supported this time by Julia, his mysterious muse, from whom he subtly borrows the name of his album. “Blow Up” the lead track is Northern Transmissions’ ‘Video of the Day’, off the release Kid Francescoli With Julia, out April 29th on Lisbon Lux.

Who is Julia, the lucid voice that haunts the album’s songs? She’s the heroine of the story, a romantic comedy of sorts, about a Frenchy who falls in love with a beautiful New Yorker, who eventually split up and end up… writing an album together! This farfetched story inspired original music that sounds like Radiohead taking on ABBA’s best songs for the Virgin Suicides soundtrack!

With Julia will not leave you unscathed! There is an obvious sadness that hangs over the album, but also a real zest for life, an altogether refreshing innocence. The record’s production gives the impression of listening to a classic pop record, with the usual tricks and classic hooks so that every track sticks in your head (melodies, whistling, finger snaps, hand claps), except that everything here is synthetic and cleverly reinvented by the genius production of Simon Henner (NASSER), and skillfully highlighted in the mix by Krikor Kouchian.

Kid Francescoli With Julia

1. Blow Up
2. My Baby
3. Prince Vince
4. Boom Boom
5. Does She Italia
6. I Don’t Know How
7. Mr Know it all
8. Discoqueen
9. Italia 90
10. Dirty Blonde
11. I Don’t Know How / French 79 RMX (Digital bonus version)


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