twst Shares “Girl On Your TV (hikikomori baby 0002)”

twst, has released “Girl On Your TV (hikikomori baby 0002)” The original version of the track is featured on her debut EP TWST0001
twst "Girl on your TV"

twst, AKA: Welsh songwriter/vocalist/producer Chloé Davis, has released “Girl On Your TV (hikikomori baby 0002)” The original version of the track is featured on her debut EP TWST0001, out now. Following “Are You Listening? (hikikomori baby 0001),” the new video is the second in a series exploring twst’s fascination with the Japanese concept of reclusiveness known as “hikikomori.” Made in collaboration with London-based art director and GUT Magazine founder Ami Evelyn, the second session finds the two creatives uniting over a penchant for referencing the human experience in an absurd fashion while staying true to twst’s continued exploration of themes of surveillance, privacy and the malleability of online identities.

From twst:

“I was so excited to collaborate with Ami on this live session because I am such a huge fan of her work and the raw and instinctive nature of it. Ami and I talked through different ideas and concepts that we wanted to include like witchcraft, eroticism, porn and magic. There is a surface level naivety about the song and this live performance, so I was definitely super interested to juxtapose that with Ami’s visceral and suggestive imagery. It makes you feel unsettled, but that’s what we wanted from it.”

The new video follows the Hudson Mohawke remix of “Are you Listening?, Tayhana and AmPm remixes of “sad girls club but u gotta be cute” and Clams Casino and Strict Face remixes of “Girl On Your TV.”


1. Are You Listening?
2. Girl On Your TV
3. sad girls club but u gotta be cute
4. Always
5. Are You Filming Me?

Born and raised in Barry, Wales, twst grew up working in her father’s chicken factory. At 14, she left home and formal education and relocated to a recording studio in the South Wales Valleys where she began teaching herself about music production and pop culture. Now based in London, twst writes, produces and directs all of her music and videos, mostly within the four walls of her bedroom, and frequently collaborates with other creatives she has befriended from London’s close-knit music community.


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