Caroline Loveglow Announces Strawberry Album

Caroline Loveglow Announces Strawberry Album
Caroline Loveglow Announces Strawberry Album

Caroline Loveglow will release her debut album Strawberry on February 25, 2022 via George Clanton’s label 100% Electronica. Along with the newa, Loveglow, has shared her new single/video “Happy Happy.” The music video is almost an homage to her label signing journey. A longtime fan of George Clanton, the label’s founder, Caroline sent a demo of “Patience Etc…” to the label’s live VR podcast. Clanton and co. were stunned by the song’s casual beauty and actually dissuaded her from uploading it to the internet- in favor of giving it a proper release.

Caroline Loveglow on “Happy Happy” – Happy Happy’ is an ode to escapism. “I started building the track with the main guitar line, stayed awake all night until I had the demo completed and a version of what I was hearing in my head. I just wanted the song to feel like this momentous release that I never got to experience in my real life at the time.”

Isolation is a familiar feeling for Caroline Loveglow. Even before the world shut down, her meditative dream-pop music was informed by long nights she would spend at home getting lost in her head. Sitting in front of her computer, she’d twist and contort familiar sounds—stretching out a piano into an unearthly drone or swirling guitar parts together through pillowy clouds of distortion and reverb. Her vocals and incredibly honest lyrics float above it all, as she ponders existential questions, mulls inner turmoils, and wonders what it really means to be “human”.

Caroline uses music as a vessel to understand herself. Growing up in San Diego, she discovered guitar at age 7 and a love for poetry that eventually led to songwriting by 12. Inspired by both the textured and emotional music her Mom showed her (Radiohead, Neil Young) and her own favorite at the time (The Cure), her earliest songs were small poems she’d set to a few chords in her bedroom. Even then, it was a way of trying to process the complexities of the world; and it was just for her.

Caroline Loveglow
Track list
100% Electronica

1. Patience Etc..
2. Happy Happy
3. Strawberry
4. Zenosyne
5. Foxy
6. Blue Arcade
7. Sink
8. On Earth

Caroline Loveglow
Live Dates

10/29 – Levitation Festival – Austin, TX w/ George Claton, Magdalena Bay, Negative Gemini (live), etc. order tickets HERE
11/02 – Soda Bar – San Diego, CA ~ Tickets available HERE *
11/10 – Cornerstone – Berkeley, CA ~ Tickets available HERE *
11/11 – 1720 – Los Angeles, CA ~ Tickets available HERE *

* = w/ George Clanton, Magdalena Bay & Negative Gemini (DJ Set)

Order Strawberry by Caroline Loveglow HERE


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