Magdalena Bay Drop mini mix vol. 3

Magdalena Bay Drop mini mix vol. 3
Magdalena Bay Drop mini mix vol. 3

Mica Tenenbaum and Matt Lewin’s perfected their art of DIY with the mini mix, during a series that the band began in 2019, Magdalena Bay’s mini mixes are collections of short tracks accompanied by homemade videos on YouTube. While the band’s success has catapulted them into the mainstream, they remain deeply rooted in their humble origins, and thus returns the beloved mini mix. Magdalena Bay’s mini mix vol. 3 is out today.

“Our mini mixes delve into eclectic sounds, sometimes pastiche,” says Magdalena Bay. “We feel less pressure while making them than with a more serious release so they naturally have a fun spirit to them. The mini mix knows no bounds in terms of genre or stylings. The only rule is we try to keep the songs relatively short, but we don’t really enforce that all too much.”

Magdalena Bay will continue performing live this Summer, playing at Lollapalooza and Osheaga, as well as some tour dates with Caroline Polachek and Rina Sawayama. For a taste of what to expect from a Mag Bay show, watch this performance from their sold-out NYC show at Webster Hall.

Magdalena Bay return with mini mix vol. 3, an extension of the series begun in 2019, when Tenenbaum and Lewin spontaneously released the first collection of short tracks accompanied by homemade videos on YouTube. And after the glossy video shoots for Mercurial World, Magdalena Bay are back to basics: making DIY visuals in the comfort of their apartment, the setting that garnered viral attention on TikTok years ago. By design, mini mix vol. 3 offers listeners a spontaneity that defies the traditional album release, giving fans the thrill of an unanticipated drop. “

Over seven tracks, mini mix vol. 3 traverses a sonic galaxy, tracing new constellations in the Magdalena Bay cosmography. The sultry R&B stylings of “Top Dog,” the jagged guitar riff featured on “EXO,” collide with the decadent production on the mournful “Wandering Eyes.”

Magdalena Bay 2023 Tour Dates

Apr 14 & 21 – Indio, CA | Coachella
May 1 – San Francisco, CA | The Warfield ^
May 2 – San Francisco, CA | The Warfield ^
Aug 6 – Chicago, IL | Lollapalooza Festival
Aug 8 – Montreal, PQ | Osheaga
Aug 9 – Toronto, ON | HISTORY *
Aug 10 – Toronto, ON | HISTORY *
Aug 25-26 Columbus, Ohio | Breakaway Festival

^ Support Caroline Polachek
*Support Rina Sawayama

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