Clams Casino Announces Winter Flower

Clams Casino announces new album Winter Flower. Ahead of the release, the multi-artist has shared the track "Water Theme 2"
Clams Casino announces Winter Flower LP

Clams Casino, known for his production work for the likes of Lil B, The Weeknd, Vince Staples and his enduring collaborative partnership with A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino helped to change the face of modern hip hop, with his own personal output, Clams pushed immersive sonic textures and a dynamic form of ambience to the forefront of electronic music. Today, Clams Casino announces a brand new project, Winter Flower, out November 19th. Alongside the announcement, he shares the first taste of the project with the song “Water Theme 2.”

Clams Casino
Winter Flower
Track List

1. Water Theme
2. Water Theme 2
3. Misty
4. Tunnel Speed
5. Pine
6. Emblem
7. Unknown
8. Winter Flower

pre-order Winter Flower by Clams Casino HERE


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