“Two Years” by Uni Boys

L.A. power pop quartet Uni Boys just released their newest single "Two Years" produced by Michael and Brian D'Addario of the Lemon Twigs.
Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Two Years" by Uni Boys

L.A. power pop quartet Uni Boys just released their newest single “Two Years” produced by Michael and Brian D’Addario of the Lemon Twigs. The song features on their new album Buy This Now! set to release on October 13th with Curation Records.

Uni Boys took their small town restlessness and moved to L.A. with a cache of songs that manifested angst into the kind of earworms that refuse to let go. Quickly cementing a sound that’s indebted to the roots of power pop, Reza Matin, Noah Nash, Arthur Fitch and Michael Cipolletti churn post-glam’s stomp and punk’s bite into a record wrought with winking charisma. Rising up from their formative Bowie, Roxy, and VU hangovers, and fed well on deep-dive YouTube rabbit holes packed with lost ‘70s b-sides, they’ve funneled this fodder into an album of tip-of-the-tongue moments that shakes rock’s ravaged soul awake once more. The band’s early works caught the ear of Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, GospelbeacH) whose Curation Records initially approached the Boys about a pair of reissues — seeking to revive their first two albums, Rock n’ Roll Music and Heavy Hearted. They chose to move forward, rather than rehash the past, though, issuing a new single on the label last year and assembling their latest home recordings into a new album on the way this Fall. While this doesn’t mark their studio debut, it’s at no loss for gloss. The band’s Reza Matin recorded the album in his apartment, ditching their old Tascam for GarageBand and then meticulously mixing it until any wafts of modern technology were whittled away.

Uni Boys graduated with the highest of power pop honors with their debut album Do It All Next Week and now they are back with their sophomore follow-up Buy This Now! The album was produced and engineered by Brian and Michael D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs at their studio in the East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. The album is full of songs of love and loneliness in the modern world using jangly new wave glory guitars and west coast classic pop melodies. Beach Boys harmonies & myriad keyboards were added to the Uni Boys Power-Pop and Rock’n’Roll path giving Buy This Now! a fresh new slant.

Uni Boys
Buy This Now!
Curation Records

1. Let’s Watch A Movie
2. Down To The City
3. Hiding In My Home
4. Two Years
5. Somewhere To Fall
6. I Don’t Believe In Love
7. I’m Alright
8. Intentions
9. Don’t Wanna Be Like You
10. Say You’ll Make It Real
11. I Want It Too
12. Be My Baby Tonight

Pre-order Buy This Now! by Uni Boys here.


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