Hollow Hand Announces Your Own Adventure

Hollow Hand has announced Your Own Adventure. The singer/songwriter's forthcoming album will drop on March 3rd via Curation Records
Hollow Hand has announced Your Own Adventure

Hollow Hand has announced their new album, Your Own Adventure, will drop on March 3rd 2023 via Curation Records accompanied by a limited edition ‘cosmic blue’ vinyl & zine package will available through Resident Records, alongside standard vinyl, and digital. The album also features many guest appearances from Tim Smith (Midlake, Harp), Spencer Cullum, Holly Macve, Ryan Pollie and Oliver Newton, and was mixed by Chris Cohen in Los Angeles. Along with the announcement, Hollow Hand unveils the first single to be taken from the album – the swirling “Heaven Just Watched”, with accompanying video directed by James Sharp.

Max Kinghorn-Mills says of the new single and video: “Chaos reigns & London is in flames, 1666. The lyrics for ‘Heaven Just Watched’ are based on a diary I kept when I moved into London to work on music. I was reading Peter Ackroyd’s definitive biography of the city & totally immersed in the mythology & hidden rituals which form the foundations of the city’s architecture. I imagined myself walking through those streets. Nothing has meaning, there are no gods, choose your own adventure.

I had an idea for a video and called up my good friend James Sharp (a wonderful person & film maker, ‘The Jangling Man: The Martin Newell Story’, 2022). I’d been re-working my way through the history of Folk Horror, reading Alan Garner, MR James, watching essential 1970s films & the BBC ‘Play For Today’ series. James & I compared notes, came up with a storyboard & then with the invaluable help & skillset of Holly Macve, we started to put together the costumes. Fans of the film genre might notice some references in our film.

It wasn’t an easy video to make.. I’d find myself wearing this cape & hat, pacing across cold, misty fields in Sussex at 5am wondering what I was actually doing here. James and I are really happy with how the video came out, I think of it as a little homage to all of those great writers & film makers who’s influence we share & admire.”

Hollow Hand
Your Own Adventure

1. Light, Falling
2. Before Tomorrow
3. One Last Summer
4. I’m Going To Let You Break My Heart
5. Heaven Just Watched
6. All My Love
7. Childhood Room
8. Where I Am Is Here
9. Doomed To Roll
10. Baby You’re So Rock ‘n Roll
11. Jealous King
12. Weatherman
13. Blue Eyed Babies


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