TWÏNS Debut “Peace” and “Anatman”

TWÏNS have shared "Peace" and "Anatman." The later single is off his LP The Human Jazz, available February 19, 2022 via Earth Libraries
TWÏNS have shared "Peace" and "Anatman"

TWÏNS is the project of Berlin-based artist Miro Denck. Today, he has shared “Peace,” the lead-track off their forthcoming album, The Human Jazz, available February 19, 2022 via Earth Libraries. Along with the new single, TWÏNS has also shared the b-side “Anatman.” The Human Jazz was mastered by Carl Saff, and produced + engineered + mixed by Miro Denck.

TWÏNS on “Peace:”

“To be honest, this is one of the most intimate songs on the record which generally is one revolving around break-up and trying to tackle impermanence, and as such it’s certainly the one where I felt most vulnerable recording it. It’s really nothing else than self-therapy, and other than that me trying to communicate with someone through the means of a song when I couldn’t in real life. And thus actually postponing said communication. In a way maybe like writing someone a letter, putting all your effort into trying to make it as beautiful and honest as possible and then never sending it. It already takes a lot of weight of your shoulders — and it kept doing so every time I listened to it, repeating my lament, my excuses and my hopes like a mantra.

Like all the other songs on the record, I recorded and produced it all by myself. In that sense it was to me what recording music alone has always been to me, retreating to a safe space and opening up completely. Experimentation, trial and error until I found the language I was looking for to say the things I wanted to say, but for most part it’s sort of a cleansing, spiritual experience in which I feel closer to the world around me as well as within me, closer to love, closer to life.”

He hopes listeners take the following away from the track:

“Whatever it may be is what it is. I don’t believe in telling people how they should perceive art. It’s a very subjective experience. In any way I hope that they can connect and that it gives them something that makes them feel alive.”

The Human Jazz
Earth Libraries

1. Desert Mother
2. Some Kind of Space
3. Anatman
4. A Part of It (Apart From It)
5. Transcend
6. Foliage
7. Rain After A Long Draught
8. Peace

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