Uma Bloo Debut Video “Never Know Me”

Chicago artist, Uma Bloo has announces her LP Don't Drive Into The Smoke, Ahead of the release she has shared the album track "Never Know Me"
Chicago artist, Uma Bloo has announces her LP Don't Drive Into The Smoke

Uma Bloo, is the project of musician Molly Madden. The Chicago artist, has just announced a brand new album entitled Don’t Drive Into the Smoke, which will drop on March 23, 2022 via Earth Libraries. Today, she has shared the lead-single, “Never Know Me.” “Never Know Me” was produced by Molly Madden, Mike Altergott, and Doug Malone.

Speaking on the track, bassist + keys player Luke Blanco wrote: “The best way to describe this song? It is a salute, in both sound and message. Sound, in the marching rhythms and triumphal riffs fanfaring the chorus. Message, in the unyielding, headstrong lyrics and their manifesto of resoluteness, individuality, and self-reliance. All of this comes to a crescendo in the bridge, an almost cacophonous affair not unlike bombs going off or helicopters flying overhead, only to resolve itself in the final movement, a moment of victory. A moment of celebration.”

Vocalist/guitar player/songwriter Molly Madden said that the song was inspired by “the intersection of love and lust and the anger of not being fully seen by another.” “I wrote the lyrics to this song very quickly, I was highly activated when I sat to spell out what I was feeling. I was frustrated because I had been trying to make connections around the city but kept getting sexualized before some meaningful amount of human recognition in one another could be established,” she said.

She hopes listeners take away the following: “As long as you’re in touch with the truth of yourself, no one can devalue you. The closer you are to yourself, the more discernment you have for the people you’re dealing with.”

Uma Bloo
Don’t Drive Into the Smoke
Track List
Earth Libraries

1. Never Know Me
2. Annie
3. Maguerite’s Novels
4. Coming Home
5. Strange Actress
6. Your Pussycat
7. Was I Ever
8. The Actor’s Last Question
9. Don’t Drive Into the Smoke
10. To Be Vast

Pre-order Don’t Drive Into The Smoke by Uma Bloo HERE


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