Trash Talk release mini doc

Trash Talk release mini doc 'Swear On Your Life'

Music is a kind of communal act for Trash Talk. As lead singer Lee Spielman puts it, “There’s never really been a separation between our band and the people that we’re playing the music to.” In the new mini-doc Swear On Your Life, Trash Talk, the thrashcore veterans from Los Angeles, were filmed at their storefront-slash-creative space Babylon, to discuss the importance of inclusivity in their world. The piece was produced by the Fader.

“We always try to make sure we have an open door with that shit, and kind of fuck with everybody, you know?” guitarist Garrett Stevenson says as the shadows of local kids stretch out across Babylon’s giant skate bowl. “Please RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS,” one sign reads. “Please PICK UP YOUR SHIT,” goes another.

“Really, the whole idea was to have a place where people can come, kick it, be creative, chill, be lazy,” Stevenson explains of the space. “It’s just kind of always been important for us to not alienate kids.


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