“Tout va bien” by N Nao

There’s a magical power to songs that can immediately slow your heart rate, no matter what state of mind you’re in or even if your daily coffee intake has clouded your judgment. N Nao’s latest track “Tout va bien,” has this power. It’s a track to play at a party if you want everyone to just take in the music, or to play at a red light when you need a moment of positivity to follow your day.

Drawing from an ambient piano and dreamy synthy line and N Nao (Naomie de Lorimier)’s angelic voice, “Tout va bien” begins like that of a calming stream, slowly drawing you in with its majesty. A few minutes in, some more experimental instrumentation brings it to more of a hazy waterfall. This water theme also appears in the music video.

“The video for “Tout va bien” stems from a documentary research on freshwater, filmed between 2020 and 2022. Since recording the song, I have filmed intimate excursions, growing more attracted to water, its reflections and its magical charm along the way.”

This new track previews N Nao’s upcoming album L’eau et les rêves (water and dreams) out March 24 via Mothland (Medicine Singers, Sunglaciers)

N Nao
L’eau et les rêves

1. Saison des orages
2. Tout va bien
3. L’eau et les rêves
4. Nos endroits
5. Lac Léman
6. Nymphe
7. Pangée
8. La plus belle chose
9. Fragile
10. Aquin
11. 11:11
12. Fin du monde

Pre order L’eau et les rêves by N Nao HERE


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