Toledo Debut New Single “Beach Coma”

Toledo Debut New Single "Beach Coma." The Gabe Wax-produced track is part of the Fresh Finds x Spotify Singles, available today to stream
Toledo debuts "Beach Coma"

TOLEDO, has released “Beach Coma,” the Brooklyn’s duo new single, was produced by Gabe Wax (Soccer Mommy, War on Drugs, Squirrel Flower, more). The song is part of the latest slate of Fresh Finds x Spotify Singles, an initiative launched by Spotify in early 2021 identifying emerging artists and pairing them with like-minded collaborators to create new music under the Spotify Singles banner. The song is the first new music from TOLEDO – comprised of multi-instrumentalists/vocalists & general polymaths Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez – since their EP Jockey’s Of Love and its follow-up single “David” earlier this year.

“‘Beach Coma’ has lived in the back of our heads for two years now. We had the melody and lyrics down, but couldn’t figure out where the song lived sonically until we brough Gabe in,” says Dunn-Pilz and Alvarez. “He brought a great impulsive energy that pushed us to take risks and actually enjoy the process, bringing new life into the track. Coming back to the song’s lyrical content, years later, allowed us to reassess our emotional baggage and let go of things that don’t really serve us anymore.”

Fellow Brooklynite Wax found a certain nostalgia in the sessions. “We recorded the song in the basement of the apartment where TOLEDO lives in Brooklyn,” says Wax. “Having grown up in that same borough, learning how to record out of the different bedrooms I had as a teenager, it was somewhat of a return to form for me, which made the whole thing a bit nostalgic.”

While the band is currently hard at work on their debut album, they’ll take a brief break a week from today to celebrate the new single with a headline show at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan alongside Ottawa bedroom pop wunderkind dad sports & Detroit songwriter Hala.

Live Dates

11-17-21 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge – TICKETS

For Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez, Toledo isn’t just their band, it’s a way to blend their minds together and become one. “Individually, we’re a mess,” says Alvarez. “But as a pair, our strongest qualities reveal themselves.” Lifelong friends, Alvarez is the wildcard and Dunn-Pilz, the sensible one. On their new EP Jockeys of Love—co-produced and mixed by Jorge Elbrecht (Wild Nothing, Frankie Rose)—the duo have mind-melded yet again to create a soundtrack for those long drives when the entire world seems to be in harmony with you, and your thoughts seem monumental because of it. The EP strikes a perfect balance of light and dark; its lyrics cover heavier matters like relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and alcoholism, while the music retains a sense of better days just around the corner. You can hear almost the entire emotional spectrum spread across these six songs, but its prevailing emotion is hope. “There’s a lot of that in this EP,” says Dunn-Pilz. “It’s not just presenting a problem, it’s offering a solution as well. It’s pushing through adversity, and taking action instead of sitting back and letting things happen to you.”