Thurston Moore Debuts “Hypnogram”

Thurston Moore Debuts new single"Hypnogram." The ex -Sonic Youth member's track is available via Streaming services
Thurston Moore Debuts new single"Hypnogram"

Thurston Moore has released new track “Hypnogram”; a wondrously calm “study of dreams”. The track, is available via his label The Daydream Library Series and comes from a session with Thurston’s London-based group, including bassist Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), guitarist James Sedwards (Nøught), percussionist Jem Doulton (Róisín Murphy), San Francisco-based electronic music wizard Jon Leidecker (Negativland) with lyrics by poet Radieux Radio.

This song is the first single from a forthcoming album Thurston arranged in 2022 inviting his collaborator James Sedwards, usually employed by Moore for his guitar playing, to also bring in piano and organ. The track was mixed by celebrated London-based producer, Margo Broom. “Hypnogram” is available via DSPs.

I’m closing my eyes to lucid dreams
reach out yr arms when you find me
moonlight reflections out on the lake
where you end & i begin when we awake
feeling you there, next to yr fur
kissing yr ears with a whisper
escaping inside our own telescope
a universe of endless hope
come on grrl, let’s go to sleep
Reach out yr arms inside our dreams
i’m closing my eyes to our lucid sleep
give me a signal when you find me
Yr voice, poetry on my earlobes
i guess i dosed off
on the train with yr headphones

Moore’s touring personnel will include London musician Alex Ward (in place of James Sedwards) on guitar, Deb Googe on bass, Jem Doulton on drums, and Jon Leidecker on electronics. Thurston is ecstatic to have support from Miami, Florida’s Jayan Bertrand of Seafoam Walls for all dates of the tour.

Seafoam Walls is singer/songwriter and guitarist Jayan Bertrand who coined the new genre “Caribbean Jazzgaze” to describe his wholly unique guitar style that combines jazz, shoegaze, rock, hip-hop, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. His debut record was released by The Daydream Library Series to critical acclaim by MOJO Magazine and Spin Magazine.

Daydream Library Series is the house record label of Ecstatic Peace Library operated by Eva & Thurston Moore, distributed in the UK by Cargo Records; in The Americas by Forced Exposure; by CARGO-GERMANY in Deutschland; by Kuroneko in France; KonKurrent in Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg; by GoodFellas in Italia; by Matrix in Slovenia; by Popstock in Spain & Portugal; Rockers in Poland; Supersounds in Finland and BORDER in Sweden, Norway & Denmark… “and all yr favourite independent record stores in the Universe”.

“Hypnogram” is the first of two singles Moore plans to release digitally this spring before setting off on tour through Europe. The Thurston Moore Group will be touring March and April 2023 in Belgium, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. A complete list of Spring tour dates, cities, venues and links to tickets are now listed at


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