The Sidekicks share “Jesus Christ Supermalls”

The Sidekicks share their new video for "Jesus Christ Supermalls" New Album 'Runners in the Nerved World' Out January 20

Columbus, Ohio band The Sidekicks has shared a video for their new song called “Jesus Christ Supermalls” The band will release their new album Runners in the Nerved World on January 20, 2015 via Epitaph Records.

As previously reported, Runners in the Nerved World was produced by Phil Ek in Seattle, WA. It was a dream for The Sidekicks to work with the producer responsible for iconic albums from Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Built to Spill, and The Shins to name a few. During the recording process, the band took full advantage of their 6-week studio time to let the songs go where they needed to go – while Ek shaped the sound. The end result; a collection of songs about the need to move forward, packed with buoyant melodies.

“’Jesus Christ Supermalls’ is kind of our way of taking a step towards making a real pop song. We weren’t trying to get all symphonic or Phil Spector on this record, but there wasn’t any rule that we couldn’t use strings and things like that. For the first time ever we really let ourselves explore the possibilities of a studio,” says vocalist and guitarist Steve Ciolek, also of the indie-rock band Saintseneca on Epitaph sister label, Anti-.

Runners in the Nerved World Track List:

1. Hell Is Warm
2. Everything in Twos
3. Jesus Christ Supermalls
4. The Kid Who Broke His Wrist
5. Pet
6. Blissfield, MI
7. Deer
8. Summer Brings You Closer to Satan
9. Century Schoolbook Grown-Ups
10. Satellite Words and Me
11. Spinning Seat
12. All Things Run

The Sidekicks:

Steve Ciolek – Vocals & Guitar
Matt Climer – Drums
Ryan Starinsky – Bass


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