“Swimmer” by Half Waif

"Swimmer" by Half Waif is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the singer/songwriter's LP Mythopoetics, available July 9
"Swimmer" by Half Waif

Half Waif is the project of Nandi Rose, the singer/songwriter recently revealed new full-length, Mythopoetics, which will drop on July 9, 2021 via Anti-Records. Ahead of the release, she has shared the single “Swimmer.”

Nandi Rose on “Swimmer:”

“I wrote Swimmer after visiting my aunt, who has Alzheimer’s. I’ll never forget the summer we were swimming at the lake where our family has a cabin – her mind was already slipping, but her body was still strong enough to swim across to the other side,” says Rose. “It was incredible, how both things could be true. Now the only way I can reach her is through music. I sing for her with my hand on her shoulder, feeling the soft weight of her body through the blanket, pouring all of the love I have from my voice into that warm arm. I try to reconcile what is still here with what has already gone.”

“This is the record I’ve been trying to make for 10 years,” Rose says. “My voice is changing, and my confidence has reached a point where I feel that I can sing however I want; I’ve finally come to a place where I don’t have to conform to what I think other people want it to sound like.”

Half Waif

1. Fabric
2. Swimmer
3. Take Away The Ache
4. Fortress
5. The Apartment
6. Sourdough
7. Party’s Over
8. Horse Racing
9. Orange Blossoms
10. Midnight Asks
11. Sodium and Cigarettes
12. Powder

Mythopoetics is available for pre-order via ANTI-Records


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