“The Other” Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin has shared “The Other”, the second single/video lifted from his third full-length album Release, slated to drop on May 17 via Haven Sounds.

Rich Aucoin on the video for “The Other”

“‘The Other’ video takes place on an alien planet where a tyrant rules a dystopian society divided into quadrants based on the various colours of the aliens’ masks. There is a strict no physical inter-coloured contact rule on this planet such that even the soldiers on this planet only touch others with long metal sticks. The Blue and Red heroes / heroines of the story live in their segregation watching their own versions of the news until they join forces in a rainbow revolution against the tyrant and the ruling class. Inspired by George Lucas’ THX, Ridley Scott / Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner, and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, the video reveals the album cover image of the upcoming release with my printed skull.”

Rich Aucoin
Haven Sounds
Track Listing

1. The Base
2. The Dream
3. The Middle
4. The Other
5. The Change
6. The Self
7. The Past
8. The Fear
9. The Mind
10. The Time
11. Release

Rich Aucoin
Tour Dates

May 9-11 – Brighton, UK – The Great Escape
May 17-19 – Wales, UK – Focus Festival
May 22 – Toronto, ON – The Drake (TICKETS)