The F16s Announce Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?

The F16s will release their new EP Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet? Along with the news, the band have shared “I’m On Holiday”
The F16s will release their new EP Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?

The F16s will release their new EP Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet? on October 22nd via House Arrest. Along with the news, the Chennai, India based quartet have shared “I’m On Holiday”, the ep’s lead single, accompanied by a creative lyric video.

The F16s on “I’m On Holiday:”

“‘I’m On Holiday’ can be construed as a classic case of denial and delusion behind familiar themes of love and tenderness. The track, like the rest of the EP was perfected during the first wave of the pandemic. In previous releases, ‘WKND FRNDS’ and ‘Triggerpunkte’, the band enlisted outside help for mixing and post-production. The new single and EP had us shifting operations to Josh and Sashank’s place – we set up a makeshift studio to finish it, chopping and changing segments to our hearts content, while Harshan undertook the arduous task of mix engineer. The pandemic, in a way, forced us to work within our means and keep things in-house. It also permeated into our writing, as days passed with the four of us on our phones in different stages of doomscrolling, wondering when the light of respite would show up and bring us back to normalcy.”

Regarding the making of the video, they add: “Circumstances persuaded us to look within once again while making the video. It began as a minimalist idea that gathered steam within minutes, snowballing into something executable overnight. Sashank sat in the director’s chair as we sourced our own props and items of importance, while our friend Shantanu Krishnan took the plunge with us as cinematographer. Mitra, the star of the video joined us with zero hesitation, providing the audience with the much needed distraction from our unsightly mugs. The band made up the background, convening for a picnic that goes comically awry, an accurate yet exaggerated reflection of their dynamic. As one (Harshan) proceeds to make mincemeat out of another (Abhinav), a third (Sashank) breaks away from this cycle of antagonism, joining Mitra in the waters to sit serenely, unbothered by the melee.”

Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet? follows 2019’s WKND FRNDS EP, their first release on House Arrest, a collection of four woozy, shimmering, uncanny songs that received praise:

Formed in August of 2012 while 3 of the members were still in college, Chennai, India. Following the release of their debut EP Kaleidoscope. The group went on to release another EP and a full length, 2016’s Triggerpunkte. Since forming, they have traversed the length and breadth of the Indian indie music landscape, performing at prime festivals and venues across the country, and have ventured into Southeast Asia with a 6 city tour through Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The F16s are currently signed to Oxford, Mississippi indie label HOUSE ARREST, who had this to say about adding the band to their roster: “We were fascinated to discover The F16s writing and performing such relatable pop-rock songs so many miles away. We had to reach out to see what their story is, which eventually led to us working together.”

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