Vortex' by Terence Etc. album review by Robert Duguay for Northern Transmissions



Terence Etc.

Terence Nance is quite the multi-talented individual. The Dallas native made a name for himself with the 2012 flick An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty which premiered at that same year’s Sundance Film Festival and he’s been involved in other films such as Women Who Kill, The Burial Of Kojo and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

He also created the late night sketch comedy series Random Acts Of Flyness that has been on HBO since 2018. Along with his accomplishments in the film & TV realms, he’s a musician under the name Terence Etc. His debut album Vortex came out on August 19 and the sonic scope within the music of it is stunning.

There’s a mix of R&B, jazz, pop, orchestral and even singer-songwriter folk that’s present. This combination rides a flow where everything meshes together in interesting ways, it conveys a listening experience rather than just being a collection of songs. There’s a nice balance as well with nothing sticking out unusually, which is a credit to the arrangements. Overall, the album is a testament to Nance’s creativity that seems to know no bounds. It leaves a lasting impression by offering so much in condensed fashion, including theatrical interludes.

“Stay” starts off with one of those interludes with the narrator starting the song off about romantic relationships and then it goes into atmospheric & dramatic vocals. That singer- songwriter element is best exemplified in “I Miss Things I Never Had” with the acoustic guitar anchoring the track. Those synthy keys at the beginning of “The Merchant Of Flatbush” are really cool and it’s a completely excellent musical journey. It’s probably my favorite song off of the album. Other notable highlights include “Terence’s — Love”, “Dragon” and “Sanity Envy” but I suggest listening from start to finish for the full array of sonic dimensions.

Vortex is an album where the music is consistently being pushed in numerous directions. The artistic envelope is regularly being pushed as well with the songs touching upon all sorts of characteristics, styles and genres. The interludes make the whole thing pretty interesting due to how they offer social commentary. If you like records that offer a complete experience then this one for you. Just don’t nitpick it, just jump into the whole thing.

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