Brainfeeder Announces Austin Peralta Reissue

Brainfeeder announces the deluxe release of the late jazz great Austin Peralta’s Endless Planets out February 9th
Austin Peralta photo by Spencer Davis

Brainfeeder announces the deluxe release of the late jazz great Austin Peralta’s Endless Planets, out February 9th. The album is preceded by single, “The Garden (Jondy • BBC Maida Vale Session),” released on what would have been Peralta’s 33rd Birthday.

Available for the first time on vinyl, Endless Planets was, Brainfeeder’s first foray into jazz. It pre-dated his friend Thundercat’s debut album The Golden Age of Apocalypse by a few months and Kamasi Washington’s The Epic by four years. A truly prodigious talent on the piano, Austin effortlessly combined inquisitive futurism with incredible musicianship and a healthy respect for the heritage of jazz, and in this way it is an exemplary Brainfeeder record.

Austin Peralta on his craft: “I don’t think art can or should be classified into earthly conventions. True art defies categorization and transcends boundaries and shouldn’t be looked at through a lens of ‘earthly’ or ‘not earthly.’ If you let it wash over you and carry you away, that experience may not feel like anything you’ve ever experienced here on Earth. It can be the doorway into an infinitude of worlds.”

The new edition features four previously unreleased tracks including a live version of “DMT Song” from Flying Lotus’ 2012 album Until the Quiet Comes that Austin co-wrote. Recording at the legendary BBC Maida Vale Studios in London in July 2011, Austin led an all-star British band comprising Richard Spaven (drums), Tom Mason (bass), Jason Yarde (alto sax), Heidi Vogel (vocals), and Jason Swinscoe of The Cinematic Orchestra (electronics).

Austin was an LA native and son of JC Caldwell and Stacy Peralta. He was a jazz musician. Not in the sense that he or people close to him bandy around the word “jazz” in relation to his music. Rather in the sense of years of practice and dedication to a particular artform. Or, in the sense of having played with, among many others, the likes of Chick Corea, Hank Jones, and Ron Carter. In the sense of having serious chops. Of playing the piano and composing like a true veteran. And in the sense of having done all that by the time he was 20-years-old. And that’s before you even get into his work as a session player for everyone from Erykah Badu to Shafiq Husayn, or the time he sat in with legendary LA big band, Horace Tapscott’s Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra.

On Endless Planets, Austin recorded with the late Zane Musa (alto sax), Ben Wendel (tenor and soprano), Hamilton Price (bass), and Zach Harmon (drums). He also relied on longtime friend and associate Strangeloop for electronic manipulation throughout the set and ends the album with a scintillating collaboration with The Cinematic Orchestra and singer Heidi Vogel, “Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles.” The Endless Planets artwork is by Strangeloop, reworked for this new deluxe vinyl edition by Adam Stover and Sean Preston, with creative direction by JC Caldwell.

Austin Peralta
Endless Planets (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. Introduction: The Lotus Flower
2. Capricornus
3. The Underwater Mountain Odyssey
4. Ode To Love
5. Interlude
6. Algiers
7. Epilogue: Renaissance Bubbles

Disc 2

1. Algiers (Jondy • BBC Maida Vale Session)
2. DMT Song (Jondy • BBC Maida Vale Session)
3. Eclipses (Jondy • BBC Maida Vale Session)
4. The Garden (Jondy • BBC Maida Vale Session)

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