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Toro y Moi Outer Peace Review for Northern Transmissions

Toro y Moi ‘Outer Peace’

Chaz Bundick has never shied away from aesthetic it’s rarely been such an integral part of what he’s doing. Throughout this latest exploration, funk,…

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Northern Transmissions looks forward to 2019: from albums, tours, movies and everything in between so you know everything on the horizon for the year.

Looking Forward to 2019

While the momentum picks up on 2019’s releases and tours, we are exploring what’s to come. Whether it’s records, tours or even musical films,…

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Toro Y Moi drops new single "Ordinary Pleasure," the song in off his new releae 'Outer Peace,' out January 18th on Carpark Records

Toro Y Moi drops new single

Chaz Bundick AKA: Toro y Moi has released the new single. “Ordinary Pleasure.” The track is of his forthcoming release Outer Peace, available January…

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