World Wide Pop by Superorganism album review by Adam Fink. The bands full-length is out July 15, via Domino Records and DSPs


World Wide Pop


Bands these days. It’s so great to maybe not take yourself so seriously. Everything is stupid and everything sucks so let’s have as much fun as we possibly can. This might be Superorganism’s mission statement. The band’s self-titled debut album was amazing. A group that met online and made a huge pop statement. Here we are a while away from a pandemic and they have a sophomore record that is maybe one of the best of the year. Maybe it’s because the world seems to be on its last legs so let’s have the best time we can ever have and Superorganism’s World Wide Pop hits the spot.

The whole endeavour kicks off with “Black Hole Baby” with its absolutely crushing Welcome Back Kotter references in the chorus and meta references to their own repertoire. It’s elating. There’s so many guest spots on the album. Regulars that you would expect like CHAI and others that you wouldn’t expect like Stephen Malkmus from Pavement. This whole record is the best time. It’s all so huge sounding and the production is perfect. We have realized at some point that fun wasn’t a thing that bands had but Superorganism realized was missing.

Hopefully Superorganism decides that what they are doing is important enough to tour and continue to make albums as good as World Wide Pop because it’s something that we all need in our lives. The world sucks and is continually hard but every once in awhile we get treated to a band as fun, wildly awesome, and sweet as Superorganism Here’s to more to come.

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