“Still Life” Apidae

"Still Life" by Apidae, AKA: 25-year-old London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Greg Hummell is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'
"Still Life" by Apidae

Apidae AKA: 25-year-old London-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Greg Hummell, current single “Still Life,” is his first release, since “Turning Tides.” The track was co-written with, and features lead vocals from Mazlyn (whose vocal stylings have influences of Thom Yorke and Rhye). ‘Sill Life’ sees Apidae’s somewhat unconventional palette of acoustic instrumentation expand to include a string quartet, Fender Rhodes and an auto-tuned field recording of a fire alarm.

Mazlyn on “Still Life:”

“Lyrically, Still Life is about feeling trapped and static. It explores an inevitability and hopelessness in expecting change and how long it can last, but also suggest hope that in searching for core values of life and nature we can find a way to be content.”

“Still Life” will also feature on the forthcoming Everything Is Alright EP, which represents a point of steep transition for the project. Labelled as an electronic producer, filed with realms of dance music and synthetic sound – Hummell instead renounces quantised beats and samples of previous work, and instead set out to capture the energy and dynamic of the ensemble of musicians collaborating in the project.


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