Sharon Van Etten Shares “Dsharpg” (By Shamir)

Sharon Van Etten HAS RELEASED “Dsharpg” (By Shamir), the most recent cover off of epic Ten, out digitally on April 16, physically on June 11
Sharon Van Etten “Dsharpg” (By Shamir)

Sharon Van Etten HAS RELEASED “Dsharpg” (By Shamir), the most recent cover off of epic Ten, out digitally on April 16th and physically on June 11th via Ba Da Bing. epic Ten is a double album celebrating the tenth anniversary of Van Etten’s epic. Alongside Shamir, it features Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Courtney Barnett ft. Vagabon, Big Red Machine (Aaron Dessner & Justin Vernon), IDLES, and St. Panther. Each Thursday leading up to its release, Van Etten has been sharing the album’s next consecutive cover song. Preceding today’s “Dsharpg” (By Shamir), she’s released “Save Yourself” (By Lucinda Williams), “Peace Signs” (By IDLES), and “A Crime” (By Big Red Machine).

“I was drawn to Shamir’s music by the immediate authenticity and originality of his voice and instrumentation choices. It felt simultaneously throwback and very here and now. So many genres melting into one another, I couldn’t peg it and I loved every minute of the wild ride. Not to mention that his vocal range is from another universe and his arrangements are dark and stormy. Self admittedly, I have a harder time keeping up with music today, but Shamir’s music stands out as truly original and a force to be reckoned with in his reimagining of a time where I grew up fondly, angsty and dreaming…”

Following the release of the album, epic Ten: the accompanying documentary and concert will stream April 16th and 17th. Van Etten and her band will perform epic in its entirety from Zebulon LA, the venue that played a crucial role in her early career, with profits benefiting Zebulon. A short documentary on the making of epic and the significance of Zebulon as a haven for Van Etten and many other musicians will be presented before the concert.

epic Ten Tracklist

1. “A Crime” – Big Red Machine
2. “Peace Signs” – IDLES
3. “Save Yourself” – Lucinda Williams
4. “DsharpG” – Shamir
5. “Don’t Do It” – Courtney Barnett (ft. Vagabon)
6. “One Day” – St. Panther
7. “Love More” – Fiona Apple

Airtime #1: Friday, April 16 – 6pm PT / 9pm ET
Airtime #2: Saturday, April 17 – 9pm AEST
Airtime #3: Saturday, April 17 – 9pm BST

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