Sex With Strangers on ‘Records In My Life’

Sex With Strangers are sonic equivalent of a Swiss army knife, drawing on a wide variety of influences ranging from new wave, to post-punk, to dance rock. Although the band revels in the exploration of a wide variety of genres, SWS has managed to create their own unique sound, highlighted by robust bass grooves and the vocal interplay between lead singers Hatch Benedict and Shevaughn Ruley.

Celebrating the release of their sixth studio album Discourse, Sex With Strangers members Hatch Benedict and Cory Price join us for a very humour-filled Records In My Life. We spoke at length about many records, including albums by The Jesus Lizard, Micheal Jackson, and ZZ Top. Sex With Strangers’ latest release Discourse, is now available via Northern Light Records.

Hatch Benedict – vocals, keyboards
Mike Gentile – bass
Cory Price – guitar
Dan Walker – drums
Shevaughn Ruley – vocals, keyboards


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