“Seventeen” by Sophia Kennedy

Sophia Kennedy has dropped her new LP Monsters. The full-length is out today via on City Slang. Along with the album’s release, the singer/songwriter has shared a melancholy video she directed for “Seventeen,” using old camcorder footage she recorded as a teenager.

Sophia Kennedy on the video for “Seventeen:”

“I was given a camcorder for my 15th birthday and carried it around me wherever I went – documenting everything around me. Growing up as a teenager and facing crises I assume most teens go through, I was often terrified and overwhelmed by life itself. I often questioned whether the lyrics to ‘Seventeen’ had any relevance or were just another clichéd take on youth. But it’s an autobiographical song that also reflects upon the melancholy of adolescence, the insecurities, searching for one’s own identity and confidence – rather than glorifying the joy of being young.

The video to ‘Seventeen’ shows excerpts taken from the material I filmed with my camcorder while growing up: Baltimore, New York, Bielefeld – when I visited my family in the States I would film the streets of Baltimore, the city I was born in, out of the car window – being born in the U.S., but raised in Germany, I always felt I had this secret ‘other’ life that I wanted to get a hold of and knew so little about. I wanted to capture as much as possible to somehow keep and feel close to this part of my life.”

Sophia Kennedy
City Slang

1. Animals Will Come
2. Orange Tic Tac
3. I Can See You
4. Francis
5. Seventeen
6. Loop
7. I’m Looking Up
8. Chestnut Avenue
9. Do They Know
10. Cat On My Tongue
11. Brunswick
12. Up
13. Dragged Myself Into The Sun