“Say Yes” by Big Deal

Say Yes" by Big Deal is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

London’s Big Deal announces news of their third full-length album, Say Yes, the follow-up to 2013’s acclaimed June Gloom. The record arrives on June 17th via the band’s new home, FatCat Records. The news comes alongside the debut of the album’s title track.

Having received widespread praise for their first two albums, 2011’s Lights Out and its 2013 follow-up June Gloom, the band were invited to join Depeche Mode on tour. “Something clicked for us during that time,” they explain. “Touring with them made us realizes we had been hiding when we should be stepping in to the light.”

Say Yes began as an entirely self-funded project. “We had to borrow money to get the album made-it was very risky,” explains Costelloe. The task was only made more challenging when the duo’s laptop, containing demos and ideas for the new record, was stolen in December of 2014. “We had to start everything from scratch-it was fight or flight and we decided to fight,” they say. “Pretty much everything that could fall apart for us, did. This included parting with our label [Mute], breaking up a relationship, band members leaving and losing all of our music when my apartment was broken in to. We didn’t want to give up, or revel in our misery. We decided instead to try and turn it into something magic.”

“We’ve done everything backwards,” the pair explains. “Most bands spend a few years figuring themselves out before releasing a record. We released a record and then have spent a few years finding ourselves.”

“We’ve always been pretty private about our relationship within the band, but feel more comfortable talking about it for this record, as it’s pivotal in the placement of our career.” they explain. “It’s about taking all kinds of heartbreak and defeat, and just looking at it dead in the eye and going for it.”