“Breathe” By TRAAMS ft: Softlizard

UK band TRAAMS have shared a new track “Breathe”. The song is taken from their highly anticipated new album “personal best”, which is out 22nd July via Fat Cat Records.”personal best” marks the band’s first full-length album since 2015’s critically-acclaimed ‘Modern Dancing’, and comes hot on the heels of their recent single ‘Sleeper’, which featured guest vocals from Soffie Viemose of Bella Union’s Danish five-piece Lowly.

The band recently announced their long-awaited return alongside a new single titled ‘The Light At Night’, which features Joe Casey of Protomartyr, and was accompanied by a new video co-directed by Charlotte Gosch & Lee Kiernan of IDLES.

The new track “Breathe” arrives as a direct insight into the band’s musical evolution on the new record. Featuring guest vocals from Softlizard (the new project from Liza Violet of Menace Beach), the track sees propulsive and motorik bass gel with programmed beats, whilst warmly distorted, hook led guitar riffs grind alongside hypnotic vocals. This is all underpinned by subtle yet intricate synth lines and electronic manipulations, adding further nuance to their sound and perfectly exemplifying the new songwriting methods that were explored across “personal best”.

personal best
Out 22nd July via Fat Cat Records

1. Sirens
2. Dry
3. Breathe feat. Softlizard
4. The Light At Night feat. Joe Casey
5. Sleeper feat. Soffie Viemose
6. Shields
7. Hallie
8. Comedown feat. Softlizard


Stu Hopkins — vocals, guitar
Leigh Padley — bass, vocals
Adam Stock — drums, synths

Personal –
1. belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else.
2. of or concerning one’s private life, relationships, and emotions rather than one’s career or public life.

Best –
1. of the most excellent or desirable type or quality.
2. to the highest degree; most (used with verbs suggesting a desirable action or state or a successful outcome).
3. that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable
4. outwit or get the better of (someone).

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