Minor Pieces Debut New Video For “Burden”

Minor Pieces Debut New Video For "Burden"
Minor Steps "Burden" video

Minor Pieces is the recently formed duo of singer/composer Ian William Craig and Missy Donaldson. Based out of Vancouver BC, Minor Pieces recently released their album The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming via Fat Cat Records (Vashti Bunyan, The Twilight Sad, Tall Ships, The Growlers). Today, they have shared with us the beautifully shot video (filmed by the duo) for “Burden.” The track follows their previous single “Rothko.”  Fans of Low, Grouper, and Jeff Buckley will definitely gravitate towards the sounds of Minor Pieces.

Mirror Pieces on the video for “Burden:”

“Burden is about learning to flow with and observe the river of our worry instead of getting swept up in it, and its video is a kind of a visual poem shot over the course of a couple of weeks during a period of recovery”Burden:” and reflection. It so happened that we had just bought a new camera for the band, and learning to use it over this time turned it into a kind of healing machine that could help hold onto small spaces of calm built out of chance and discovery. It was used to capture a series of grounding and quiet moments to cope with all the changes that were occurring during that time, observations which are woven together here.”

A classically-trained vocalist, Ian William Craig  has released ten solo albums since 2011.  Max Richter and Sigur Rós have become fans. Missy Donaldson grew up around music, eventually studying it and making a career as a music therapist. Having been introduced through mutual friends in 2013, the pair came together as a musical partnership at the start of 2017. They booked a debut show before even rehearsing and over the past couple of years played several low key gigs in and around Vancouver.

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