San Fermin Debuts “Your Ghost”

San Fermin has debuted new single "Your Ghost." The title-track is off their current EP, now available via Better Company Records and DSPs
San Fermin debuts new single "Your Ghost"

San Fermin has shared “Your Ghost,” the final single off their new EP, Your Ghost, out today via songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone and vocalist Allen Tate’s label, Better Company. The label, which Ludwig-Leone and Tate formed in 2020, has since seen releases from Wye Oak, Wild Pink, Sorcha Richardson, Pure Bathing Culture, Daisy the Great, and more.

On “Your Ghost,” Tate compares a day with the ghost of a partner to the (more complicated) real-life version. The lyrics are delivered over a cheery guitar riff and propulsive drums; both an indictment and a celebration of a complex relationship: “I make love to your ghost / When I dream about you.”

San Fermin’s Ellis Ludwig-Leone on “Your Ghost”

“I was noticing that when someone’s gone, their absence can take on a life of its own and become a presence in itself. You go through your day thinking about this person, what they would say in certain situations, how they would act. Their absence takes on all these personality traits that are more of a reflection of your feelings about them (and their absence) than the actual person.”

San Fermin’s previous EP entitled In This House, was released last fall and features collaborations with Nico Muhly, Sorcha Richardson, Thao Nguyen, Wye Oak, Attacca Quartet, The Districts, and Wild Pink.

San Fermin’s newest EP, Your Ghost, affirms and sharpens that focus, but through the lens of a new working dynamic within the band. Vocalist Allen Tate, Ludwig-Leone’s longtime collaborator, assumed the additional role of producer, taking a heavier hand in the planning and creation of the music. Tate challenged Ludwig-Leone to be more vulnerable in his lyric writing and more restrained with his arrangements, swapping out the sweeping narratives and lush textures of previous releases in favor of a sparser, more emotionally direct songwriting approach.

San Fermin
Your Ghost

01. Tired of Loving You
02. Someone You Call Baby
03. Your Ghost

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