“Dodge St” By Lilts

“Dodge St" By Lilts is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“Dodge St" By Lilts is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Lilts, is the duo comprised of Wild Pink’s John Ross and Laura Wolf. The pair met while touring together in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2022 that they began trading song ideas via email. Both producers and songwriters, it was through the fast paced and natural process of co-writing that Lilts was born.

The band’s debut single “Dodge St.”, is the first track from their EP Waiting Around. The EP, which was recorded at Better Company Studios and engineered by Allen Tate, will be released via San Fermin’s owned Better Company Records on October 13th.

While Wolf takes the lead vocals on every Lilts track, Ross’ songwriting touch is unmistakably present, as are elements of the gauzy experimentation that played into the margins of Wild Pink’s 2022 LP ILYSM. It’s a combination that will feel familiar to Wild Pink fans, but at the same time like a refreshing change of pace, as Wolf and Ross draw each other towards unexpected results.

Wolf explains: “”Dodge Street” was written as a game of telephone,” she says. “John sent me a voice memo called ‘Dodge Street’ after the name of the street where he happened to be parked. I chopped up the recording of his guitar strumming, reimagined the chord progression and sent him back a song structure with a vocal melody. He interpreted my demo with added bass and drums and from there I built a lyrical scenario originally intended to rhyme with ‘Dodge Street.’ Though the title didn’t make it into the song, the heart of the title remained. ‘Dodge Street’ is about the disappointment of living for someone’s else’s dreams.”

Waiting Around
Better Company Records
Track List

1. Dodge Street
2. Kiss Your Face
3. Too Late
4. Waiting Around

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