S. Raekwon Announces New Album ‘Steven’

S. Raekwon Announces New Album 'Steven.' The multi-artist's full-length drops on May 3rd via Father/Daughter Records and DSPs
S. Raekwon photo Credit: POND Creative

Steven Raekwon Reynolds AKA: S. Raekwon, will release his new album, Steven, On May 3rd via Father/Daughter Records. The LP follows the artist’s 2021 debut album Where I’m at Now and 2022 EP I Like It When You Smile. S. Raekwon will play a release show on June 5th in Brooklyn, NY at The Sultan Room.

Along with the news, the singer/songwriter has shared the single “Old Thing,” which finds him pondering what it means to feel defined by a long term relationship. While the song’s lyrics are vulnerable and contemplative, the live instrumentation itself sets a freewheeling, optimistic tone. Built from a single take, dreamy guitars rest atop a funky groove, providing an airy backbone for S. Raekwon’s smooth, breathy vocals. “Slowly moving past your eyes / I let my mind get cast aside / I’m losing track of every word / I’m trying to wrap my head around it,” he coos in the second verse, playing into the energy of a bar band front person. “Old Thing” is warm and introverted, like an outtake from the soundtrack to some long-lost 2000s romantic comedy.

On the album, he shares: “I recorded this album last summer in a living room in Southern Illinois with my longtime friend and drummer Mario Malachi. The two of us sat opposite each other around a few microphones, building songs from single takes. I wanted to capture a more raw and direct sound reflective of our live show.

Steven is the sound of me holding a mirror up to and reflecting on who I am: the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s about trying to understand the multitudes within me. Through these songs I found that I’m not alone in sometimes feeling like I don’t deserve the love that I am given. And learning to accept that love when it’s earned.”

Steven wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed everything on the record, in addition to playing every instrument except the drums. Mastered by Heba Kadry (Kara Jackson, serpentwithfeet, L’Rain), Steven sounds exposed and immediate, a palpable evolution from S. Raekwon’s 2021 debut album Where I’m at Now and 2022 EP I Like It When You Smile.

S. Raekwon
Father/Daughter Records

1. Steven’s Smile
2. Old Thing
3. Winner’s & Losers
4. The Fight
5. The Camel
6. If There’s No God…
7. Does the Song Still Sound the Same?
8. It’s Nothing
9. What Love Makes You Do
10. Katherine’s Song

Pre-order Steven by S. Raekwon HERE


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