I Killed Your Dog by L'Rain album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions. The artist's full-length is now out via Mexican Summer


I Killed Your Dog


L’Rain’s latest offering, “I Killed Your Dog,” is a beguiling auditory experience that treads a fine line between the whimsical and the unsettling. Released on an eerily fitting date of Friday, October 13th, this album is a captivating dive into experimental waters that leave you with a distinct sense of unease, all the while eliciting a strange sense of fascination.

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The album’s penchant for experimentation is immediately evident as it playfully navigates through a variety of sonic landscapes. One moment, you find yourself wrapped in the dreamy embrace of relatively clean vocals, and the next, you’re thrust into a maelstrom of clashing instrumentals that seem to build and recede like tidal waves. This rollercoaster of sound isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s precisely what you’d expect from an album bearing the ominous title “I Killed Your Dog.”

The eponymous track, “I Killed Your Dog,” serves as a dark omen for the rest of the album. It’s a song that plays with tension and releases it in disturbing ways. Beginning with subdued instruments and piercing clean vocals, it eventually devolves into a crescendo of chaos, only to return to a haunting laughter about the gruesome act it alludes to. The album’s identity is rooted in this chaotic energy, an ever-present, ever-evolving anxiety that permeates each track.

Structurally, “I Killed Your Dog” keeps you on your toes with its abrupt transitions. Normal-length songs intertwine with fleeting moments, such as “Oh wow a bird,” where a voice simply utters those words, offering a brief respite from the anxiety-inducing turmoil. These moments of absurdity might make you chuckle, but they’re also integral to the album’s unsettling charm.

Some tracks stay with you long after you’ve stopped listening. “Uncertainty Principle” is one such standout. It unfolds with a seemingly traditional drumbeat before delving into a dream pop reverie, only to spiral back into the tumultuous whirlpool of instrumental tension, creating a palpable sense of panic. L’Rain’s ethereal vocals emerge like a beacon in the chaos, pleading, “Maybe someday we’ll believe in something,” before once again surrendering to the cacophonous storm.

Juxtaposition is the name of the game here. “I Killed Your Dog” is filled with unforgettable tracks, but others might fade from memory quicker, like “pet rock” and “5 to 8 hours a day.” Which generally follow the same pattern of chaotic instrumentals overtop of dreamy vocals. However, on this album L’Rain skillfully crafts a sinister ambiance by taking snippets of children’s laughter and distorted speech, weaving them into the fabric of the album until they become a disquieting part of the chaotic narrative creating an album that will stick with you.

In the end, “I Killed Your Dog” is a challenging yet rewarding journey for the intrepid listener. It’s an album that makes no apologies for its disquieting nature, its fusion of contrasting elements, and its willingness to push the boundaries of experimental music. L’Rain has created a unique and unsettling sonic landscape that invites you to embrace the chaos and uncover the beauty hidden within.

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