The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored by Hayden Pedigo album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions


The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored

Hayden Pedigo

Hayden Pedigo, who has collaborated with the likes of Tim Heidecker, Terry Allen, and Jessica Pratt, is a finger style guitarist out of the panhandle of Texas. He’s quite the character: homeschooled by a truck-stop preacher, ran for Amarillo City Council at 25 and came in second place (which is captured in a SXSW documentary called Kid Candidate), walked Gucci runways as a model, and amassed an internet following based on his multi-faceted personas. And that’s nothing to speak of his guitar playing.

Considered an avant-garde artist, of sorts, his latest album, The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored, is his attempt at writing “the best instrumental acoustic guitar album of the past twenty years,” and it’s a beautiful, intricate, warm, and healing collection of songs. His fingers move adeptly over the acoustic guitar, evoking images of warm desert land or lush forests or cityscapes, depending what delights your imagination as you listen to the songs.

It’s an instrumental album, and provides a respite for the soul, apart from any divided politics or inflammatory news’ headlines or insistent stress from your day. Like the title of the album suggests, happiness is available to us on the regular, and he channels feelings of warmth, bliss, and beauty through his impressive guitar playing.

The songs are long enough in length to provide time to rest in his intricate arrangements, but never overstay their welcome. They are a cohesive collection of songs, without being too repetitive. It is a collection of songs to wow any guitarist and to occupy any music enthusiast for play after replay. It’s a good collection of song, different than I’m used to hearing, and buoyed my soul. It will probably buoy your soul too, if you just press play and stay for the duration.

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