“Melbourne” By Mia June

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Melbourne" By Mia June
Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Melbourne" By Mia June

Mia June has shared new single “Melbourne” the 19-year-old singer-songwriter based in Perth, Australia, is inspired by relationships – the ones you’re born into, the ones you create, platonic friendships, romantic trysts. Her fascination with human connection is undeniably relatable, resulting in songs about growing up, experiencing life, for better or worse, and the excitement of self-discovery. June has been performing music since a child and began writing original songs as a teenager. Her body of work is a time capsule, each song is a chapter from her life that as of now, she’s not embarrassed to share with the world and look back on as she matures.

The idea for “Melbourne,” June’s new single, came about from lunch with a friend. They’d known each other for a few years but sitting there, June realized how much older they seemed. “Melbourne is about watching those around me grow and change, the realization that my childhood is over and the mix of fear and excitement that comes with that,” she explains. “The chorus of ‘my childhood moves to Melbourne, joins a cult and lives out in the bush’ is about my two family friends–one moved to Melbourne to study fashion and one joined a group living in the Perth hills. They are both the happiest I believe they’ve been.”

Musically, “Melbourne” immediately crashes in with what sounds like television fuzz against crunching guitar distortion and a sheen of vocal harmonies, contrasting the more clarified indie rock of Mia June’s Father/Daughter (Who is She?) debut single, “Hungry.” Tide-inspired crescendo-decrescendo drum patterns move the song through its meditations and varieties of hooks. It feels both mature and youthful at once–the whisper of gossip or secrets sits in the background of the entire track, portenting something dark coming but also an escape from something that wasn’t any better.

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