Rococode debut video for “Can’t Get Enough”

Rococode debut video for "Can’t Get Enough"
Rococode by Lynol Lui

Vancouver electro-pop duo Rococode (Andrew Braun and Laura Smith) are currently in the midst of a North American Tour in support of their latest EP Young Ones. They start the Eastern leg of on November 4th, in Columbus, Ohio. Along with the kick-off the tour, Northern Transmissions is premiering the brand new video for the band’s latest single “Can’t Get Enough”.

The video, directed by Robert Tornroos, has a magical surreal feel to it and tackles the subject of addiction.

Laura Smith on “Can’t Get Enough”

“With ‘Can’t Get Enough’ we tried to make it feel like the lyrics are speaking to a lover, but you could also apply it to unhealthy addictions of any kind. In recent years I have watched many, many of my friends, family and colleagues struggle with addictions of all kinds; bad relationships they can’t seem to let go out/get out of, past lovers who they can’t stop loving no matter how over the relationship is, drugs, alcohol, food, anorexia, self harm, body obsession, the list goes on and on. It’s so hard to watch and I know I can never help anyone beyond supporting them as needed. People have to figure out how to deal with their addictions on their own terms. The chemicals within the human brain as well as learned lessons/behaviours from childhood really create undesirable circumstances that lead to these sorts of situations. Most of us will experience some sort of unhealthy addiction during our lifetime…. usually we know what we are doing isn’t good for us, and we always believe that we can control it, until we can’t.”

Robert Tornroos, Video Director on “Can’t Get Enough”

“The video for ‘Can’t Get Enough’ was mainly initially inspired by 2 things; the first being the honest and relatable lyrics that painfully describe this vision of a love-torn lost individual and secondly, a still photo I saw from the french film Le Grand Amour on the Criterion Collection website. I wanted to project this individual into a Alice in Wonderland type world where her reality and dream state are so polarizing it’s easy to tell them apart and show the separation of both drastically. I wanted the audience to feel what she felt but making the moods of both scenarios so different and opposite. I went with the old style rear projection imagery (ala Disney films of the 1960s) for her dreams to really drive the surrealism home and give the video a whimsical feel. There have been many interpretations of who the man is in the video. Is he dead? Is he an ex? I have never really settled on anything other than he is someone she has lost and is over joyed to see even in a dream.”


November 4 – Columbus, OH – Spacebar
November 6 – NYC, NY – Pianos
November 9 – Charlottetown, PEI – Baba’s Lounge
November 10 – Halifax, NS – The Carleton
November 11 – Fredericton, NB – Capital Complex
November 14 – Ottawa, ON – House of Targ
November 16 – Hamilton, ON – The Casbah
November 17 – Windsor, ON – Phog Lounge
November 18 – Toronto, ON – Rivoli