“Hunter Gather” by Rococode

"Hunter Gather" by Rococode is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Indie pop duo Rococode (Laura Smith and Andrew Braun) are back with their second full-length album Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon, out February 26th via

The songs for Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon were recorded at the same time as the Panic Attack EP in an fairly unconventional way – in a cabin, off the grid, in the isolated coastal forest of British Columbia. Rococode shared their cabin/studio space with producers Caleb Shreve (Phantogram,) and Ted Gowans (Tegan and Sara, Fences) Together they arranged an army of synthesizers, guitar pedals and drum machines into tight, crisp Alternative gems that sparkle, shuffle and shake at every turn. The title of the album also sparked inspiration when recording the new songs; the phrase comes from between song banter at a Radiohead show Andrew attended as a teenager.

“The daylight was kind of busting the vibe for most of the show and Thom Yorke kept saying, “Don’t worry it will be dark soon. Everything is gonna be fine. It will be dark soon,” Andrew explains. “It kind of rattled around in my brain for 10 years and then we wrote the tracks, thinking about the comfort that the nighttime affords. It feels like a time where there is room to breathe and be ourselves. Throughout the writing of this record we were dealing with some difficult personal battles. The writing and recording was very cathartic and very much helped us grow through some turbulent times to arrive at a more comfortable destination.”

Rococode will be touring North America, this spring in support of Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon.

(Marquis Label Services)

1. Diamond
2. Panic Attack
3. Baddest Sun
4. Until You’re Mine
5. Cuttime
6. Hunter Gather
7. Dead and Gone
8. Crystalline
9. Don’t Worry
10. Doom and Bloom