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off saint dominique


It only took two independently released singles for major labels to start noticing a young songwriter from Toronto named renforshort. Now, two EPs and millions of streams later renforshort (or Lauren for long) is back with her sophomore EP off saint dominique, out today via Interscope Records.

Her characteristic wispy vocal tone, enhanced through heavy rock-driven pop songs has created a unique sound for the songwriter who has already received praise from pop-rock icons like YUNGBLUD and Mike Shinoda. She is her own version of a modern day Avril Lavigne and isn’t afraid to write about the heavy and dramatic issues facing today’s youth.

Lyrically, the EP is blunt and more honest compared to the music her fellow generation-z popstar colleges tend to release. Instead of singing about relationship problems and the complexities of leaving your teenage years, renforshort focuses on her generation’s dependency on technology, drug use, and the intertwined emotions of lust verses love. She calls out attention-seeking influencer types on “wannabe” and addresses her social media addiction on “virtual reality.” Throughout the EP she’s honest, not only with herself but with others who might need the message as well.

The EP’s most dynamic contribution comes on the feverishly melodic love tune “lust to love.” The track sees an interesting combination between acoustic driven guitar parts, with an equally intense bassline. The song is hypnotic and sonically brings a sense of nostalgia to the EP that’s reminiscent of the happy-go-lucky pop tunes from the 60s. Combining the guitars and bass with an overly simplistic drum and piano track, ensures the song will leave a lasting impact on listeners as they struggle to get “lust to love” out of their heads. Easily the best song on the EP, renforshort produces pop music magic with this one.

Concluding her short but emotional journey on off saint dominique, renforshort includes her current viral hit “fall apart (with glaive)” and the ever-evolving and multilayered “exception.” It’s here where renforshort’s true musical capabilities and vocal evolution comes into play. She’s not afraid to experiment with more instrumentation by including a string section, and swaps her usual lullaby-like vocals for a sound that’s much more mature. Her grungey tone and righteous attitude sets her apart from other songwriters her age and brings some much needed personality back into the pop music sphere. It’s clear the past year of songwriting and collaboration has set renforshort on a path to pop music success.

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