“hurt like it should” by renforshort

"hurt like it should" by renforshort is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the artist's album clean hands dirty water
"hurt like it should" by renforshort is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

After the recent announcement of her new album clean hands dirty water, which will drop on May 17th via Nettwerk, renforshort has shared a taste of the LP with the new single, “hurt like it should.” The track features the previous single “serpentine.”

renforshort explains, “the younger you are, things feel a lot heavier. Your hands feel dirty with something someone said to you once that you think will never go away, or a direction that your life is taking that you feel you don’t have any control over… But you do. You can wash your hands. Charcoal’s not that hard to get off. You really could have a fresh start if you wash your hands.

“hurt like it should” is a song about being stuck in the same place because someone is getting in the way of your growth. I had been in a tattered one-sided relationship and at a point everything started feeling the same. There was no excitement anymore and my partner was unloyal to me which sucked. It’s a little bit of a revenge song and extreme catharsis on my end.

She continues, Working with Ian Fitchuk and Tommy English was such an honor. To watch them in their element was a real treat, they are dedicated and exceptional musicians and creators. The way they’re able to tell stories through music both sonically and lyrically makes writing alongside them such a joy. They helped me write this song at a time when I felt so burnt out”.

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