Rene Lopez shares Rob Garza remix

Rene Lopez "Love Have No Mercy" remixed by Rob Garza (Thievery Corp.),

NYC musician Rene Lopez just released his new EP, Love Has No Mercy, via Liberation Label! Whilst his earlier records have flirted with every genre from Latin soul to rock & roll, the seven tracks on Love Has No Mercy are a decidedly more dance-friendly affair. The record incorporates the sanguine Latin influences of his previous albums & interjects them with healthy doses of disco & funk.

Having previously unveiled the Love Has No Mercy title track, which features vocals from NYC powerhouse Carol C, and accompanying video, Rene has now dropped a banging remix via Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza. Check out “Love Has No Mercy” (Rob Garza Remix) below.

Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Love Has No Mercy is a remarkably slick statement of intent. Tracks like “Lovegod” & “City Streets are Dead Tonight” pulse with the same kind of subdued electro-funk that made early Prince & Rick James tracks so eternally irresistible. For Rene, the tracks represent a natural musical evolution- a move from the sweaty rock & Latin grooves of his previous albums to a place located firmly on the dancefloor.

A native New Yorker (and the son of renowned salsa musician Rene Lopez, Sr.), Rene grew up absorbing the non-stop musical melting pot that the city had to offer, eventually channeling those influences into his own music. A jazz-trained drummer & multi-instrumentalist, he recorded with a variety of band projects (The Authority, Extra Virgin) before taking wing as a solo artist, eventually perfecting a style that he came to refer to as E.L.S. (Electric Latin Soul).

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