“Regular Season” Chuck Strangers

Chuck Strangers, recently released single/video “Regular Season.” The track is his first official release on his own new label, Sounds of Beverly. The song is accompanied by a meditative music video, directed by Levi Turner. Outside of a small handful of loose singles and collaborations, the rapper and producer has been quiet since his debut album Consumers Park arrived in 2018. Chuck’s return today marks the first new music to be released under the Sounds of Beverly banner.

From Chuck Strangers:

“I’m just in a whole different mind state with only a couple years left in my 20’s. I’ve had time to mature and really look into who I am and what I want to put out there. With the Sounds of Beverly I’m literally being the change I want to see in the world and I couldn’t think of a more perfect manifesto than ‘Regular Season”‘

Since he started making music, Chuck Strangers has played a pivotal role of other artists’ careers, while mostly keeping his attempts at solo music tight to his chest. Strangers first made a name for himself by helping craft the sonic landscape of Joey Bada$$‘ classic 1999 mixtape and following that release continued to lend his production to other members of Pro Era for the next several years as they rose to notoriety. All the while, Chuck was expanding his network and continuing to stay tapped into the underground. Since those early days Chuck has been playing the back, growing, observing, and sharpening his tool kit in preparation for this moment in time. The result of that patience and hard work is Chuck Strangers showing up in 2020 as a tenacious and ambidextrous storyteller. By combining his lyrical prowess with his skillful production he is a primed double threat looking toward a bright future.

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