“A Forsaken Lover’s Plea” by Chuck Strangers

"A Forsaken Lover's Plea" by Chuck Strangers
Chuck Strangers photo by Jack McKain

Chuck Strangers will release his new album album A Forsaken Lover’s Plea on March 15th via Lex Records. Ahead of the release he has shared the LP’s title-track. Produced by Graymatter, “A Forsaken Lover’s Plea” sees Chuck take the form of a lovesick romantic, broken-hearted by the end of a recent relationship. Throughout the song, Chuck reflects on how much of himself he had invested in that relationship though elements of his pride stopped him from transforming into society’s version of an idealized romantic partner noting “…too G to take a knee, still I gave you all of me.”

A Forsaken Lover’s Plea is primarily produced by Chuck himself, outside of assists from friends, including The Alchemist, Animoss and more, as well as familiar guests like Joey Bada$$, Erick The Architect (of Flatbush Zombies) and Remy Banks. The album’s title serves as a metaphor for Chuck’s own relationship to being a hip-hop artist and making music, equating his passion for music to a tragic love affair. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea expands on the career-spanning self-reflection that Chuck framed his project from earlier this year The Boys & Girls EP around, where he was falling in love with making music again. His new album captures a wider spectrum of his experience as an artist, chronicling the joys and the pitfalls of life as a musician. Coinciding with the album’s announcement today, Chuck is also launching the pre-order for physical editions of his new album HERE.

The album has been a calculated and organic journey that began with 2018’s Consumers Park. Having taken lessons learned from his years at the center of the Pro Era braintrust and developing them into subsequent projects like his 2020 EP Too Afraid To Dance and his project from earlier this year The Boys & Girls EP, Chuck has shaped himself into a standalone voice in hip-hop.

Chuck Strangers
A Forsaken Lover’s Plea
Lex Records

1. Richard Pryor
2. Dead Vines
3. Close Calls
4. Sermonette
5. Ski’d Up
6. Too Afraid to Dance feat. Remy Banks
7. A Forsaken Lover’s Plea
8. Sunset Park
9. Polish Jazz feat. Joey Bada$$
10. Feelings
11. Crusaders
12. To All the Girls
13. Home
14. Ali’s Roti Shop
15. Grasp feat. Obii Say
16. Some Flatbush… feat, Erick the Architect
17. Count on My Love

order A Forsaken Lover’s Plea by Chuck Strangers HERE


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