Prins Thomas Announces 4xLP Ambient Record

Prins Thomas Announces Massive 4xLP Ambient Record 'Principe Del Norte,' Out February 19th via Smalltown Supersound.

Roughly a year ago, an Instagram post and a recommendation of a posthumous release by Swedish producer Joel Brindefalk sparked an idea for Prins Thomas. He heard his release “Doobedoo Dub’e’dope” under the moniker Ü, and began to draw comparisons to KLF’s Chill Out, The Orb’s “Peel Session EP,” and Black Dog’s Spanners. Enthused about those early 90’s electronica releases, Thomas set off on the task at hand, making an ambient album, leaving conventional drums and drum machines out of the equation. The result is the massive 4XLP, 2XCD Principe Del Norte, out 2/19 on Smalltown Supersound.

A few tracks were loosely inspired by the braindance, aka IDM of the 90’s and its themes and components have been reworked into slightly more danceable counterparts. The song “titles” refers to the sides of the vinyl version. How one listen to this album is entirely up to the listener, but Thomas would recommend finding center position in front of your speakers, a comfortable couch or chair and dedicate yourself to the music for a long hour.

1. A1
2. A2
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. E
7. F
8. G
9. H